Glamp -  mill houses

Wooden cottages, which are placed beside wheat fields, resemble old wood mills on the water that once operated on the Drava River. Them being completely made of wood gives us a feeling of warmth and comfort. Round windows and glass doors that open up to nature present us a touch of romance, and therefore is this accommodation definitely something special.



Four people can sleep in air-conditioned houses, as the house contains a double bed in the lower part and on the upper floor an additional bed for 2 people. Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast served at the water park's terrace.

Our glamping houses are welcoming all those who want to spend their vacation in the green oasis, all who want to wake up in peace and silence and all who want to admire the sunset in the gentle sway of the hammock.


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We are a  young and motivated team,  our goal is to flurish in tourism! We want to bring  glamping  to everyone who loves nature who feels connected with the beautiful upper  valley  of the Drava river, and to all who feel "RadmamRadlje".

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